what and who

Beloved Monster was created in 2015 by me, theatre maker and teaching artist Penelope (Nel) Kentish.IMG_9977

I am keen to create new, interesting, exciting theatrical works with young people who have a genuine interest in creating. I was a frustrated, creative teenager who danced and performed, and found so much strength and solidarity in sharing my ideas in a safe environment with other like-minded individuals in after-school drama. It is this joy that I wish to share with the young people of Bathurst who identify with this feeling.

As an artist, my interests are in non-traditional theatrical forms. I prefer to make and watch theatre in non-traditional performance spaces, and have a keen interest in immersive or participatory theatre; that is, theatre in which the audience perform as part of the show, or assist in the direction of the show.

I have been working with and for young people for many happy years. A summary of my career history is below.

Artstate NSW, Bathurst, 2018
Co-director, The Beast
An immersive, devised performance, created and performed by an ensemble of 15-17 year olds.

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, Local Stages
Bathurst, NSW 2016 – present
Regular school holiday workshop tutor and director
Director, 17 things the government doesn’t want you to know about the internet (2017), debuted in Bathurst, toured to ATYP Sydney.

Bathurst Theatre Company
Bathurst, NSW, 2013-15

Workshop tutor, ages 4 to 16

Tantrum Youth Arts (then Tantrum Theatre)
Newcastle, NSW, 2009-11

Workshop tutor, ages 5 to 17
Stage manager, Blackrock (2010), 2039 (2010), As You Like It (2011)
Co-director,  At Home (2009, 2010), Treasure Hunt (2010, 2011)
Performer, Something like lost, something like found (2009), The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other (2009), Uncle Barnaby’s Big Birthday Bash (2011)
Playwright, The Women of Doom (2009), Talk is Small: a play with Scrabble (2010, CONDA nomination Best New Play), Diving into boxes with great abandon (2011)
Mentored by Lally Katz

Australian Theatre for Young People
Sydney, NSW, 2009
Selected playwright for Fresh Ink
Mentored by Debra Oswald
Group residency at Bundanon Trust

Flag Youth Theatre Inc
Melbourne, Vic, 2012-13

Workshop tutor, ages 8 to 12
Co-director and stage manager, OMG I’m On TV (2012)

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center
Elmer, NJ, USA, 2010
Director, 13 The MusicalLiving with Lady Macbeth, with cast of 9 to 16 year olds

In 2011 I co-founded Big One Little One, an award-winning live art and performance company, which has produced shows in multiple cities across Australia. For a full list of Big One Little One’s productions, visit bigonelittleone.com